Keeping you informed about Palestinian cultural heritage research, and our work here at the Archive

Keeping you informed about Palestinian cultural heritage research, and our work here at the Archive

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Lady Al Sheikha Mozah Visits Atfaluna, Gaza - October 23, 2012

All photos courtesy Atfaluna
 Atfaluna in Gaza being dear to our heart (it seems ages since we visited) we were delighted to read about Qatar's First Lady Al Sheikha Mozah's visit there on October 23, 2012.

We were also delighted to see these photos posted on Atfaluna's Facebook page and hope they don't mind our reproducing them, because we were very intrigued by the First Lady's outfit.

A quick google search turned up no information on who might have designed the garment. Some news reports mistakenly identified it as traditionally Palestinian.  We think it was best described on
"Sheikha Moza bint Nasser ... wore an elegant black turban and robe of the same colour with trimmings made of traditional Palestinian cross stitch."
We'd probably have described it as "contemporary Palestinian cross stitch" rather than traditional, but that's because we are pedantic museum curators :)

We also found ourselves discussing whether it was a single robe or an coat with embroidered arm bands and front panels over a black dress with a cross stitched belt. We've seen similar lovely garments styled by Anat in Damascus.

This outfit (like it's wearer) was certainly very elegant. It's always interesting to see Palestinian cross stitched amalgamated successfully with modern Islamic design. We like to document those kind of garments - thus, this post.

If anyone out there can identify this garment further for us, please drop us a line :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Palestinian Film Festival Australia 8 Nov- 2 Dec 2012

It's our favorite film festival time again. A huge thank you to Cultural Media and Palace Cinemas for making it happen :)
"Cultural Media is proud to present the 4th Palestinian Film Festival. This year’s theme is simple yet heartfelt: Visit Palestine. 
"Many of us have a connection to Palestine. For some, it may be historical, ancestral or spiritual.For others, it may be political, humanitarian or educational. Whatever your interest may be, join us on a cinematic journey of unforgettable imagery and creative, thought-provoking storytelling."
There are some wonderful films in the festival, including:
And one we are particularly looking forward to:
You'll find details of the films and screening times below:
You can also keep in touch with what's happening via the Festival's Facebook page.

See you there :)